Monday, May 4, 2015

Healing Journey 2/10/06

Today I went on a wonderful healing journey,  I sat on a chair inside my mind and I saw the beautiful colors of my aura swirling.  I saw myself letting go of things that are hurting me.  I visualized my roots reaching into the Earth and a waterfall flowing from my hips. I saw kundalini snakes entwined and rising, with cosmic energy like lightening bolts connecting with earth energy.  I remembered that the cross is matter intersected by spirit and also man, that we are all messiahs, saviors, magnets bringing that energy through our bodies all the time.  By forgetting this, I had created a lot of blocks and I really worked through them, letting go of a lot of grief and pain.  I put the energy into a beautiful rose and gave it to the spirit of my grandmother.  Annealise is a wonderfully gifted healer.

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