Monday, May 4, 2015

Healing Journey 2/10/06

Today I went on a wonderful healing journey,  I sat on a chair inside my mind and I saw the beautiful colors of my aura swirling.  I saw myself letting go of things that are hurting me.  I visualized my roots reaching into the Earth and a waterfall flowing from my hips. I saw kundalini snakes entwined and rising, with cosmic energy like lightening bolts connecting with earth energy.  I remembered that the cross is matter intersected by spirit and also man, that we are all messiahs, saviors, magnets bringing that energy through our bodies all the time.  By forgetting this, I had created a lot of blocks and I really worked through them, letting go of a lot of grief and pain.  I put the energy into a beautiful rose and gave it to the spirit of my grandmother.  Annealise is a wonderfully gifted healer.

head and shoulders, knees and toes!

attama, kata, hesa, ashi
cabeza, ombres, piernes, pieds
mai, meme,cuchie, hana
ojos orejas boca y nariz
head and shoulders knees and toes,,,,                                                eyes and ears and mouth and nose

NYE '09 abridged

( I usually do my best writing attempts around the new year...)

The year is drawing to a close and I look back and reflect on changes and growth I have gone through this year, as well as looking ahead to make resolutions for more change in the new year.  Lots on my mind. Ideas flash. Processing emotions.  Thinking about dreams and goals.  need to organize my thought- going crazy!  Last new year...('08) ... my latest obsession and punk rock vacation.  Kitty cat died on x-mas eve and everyone thought Pat was going too.  One year later, she is still hanging on.

Guy, Rob, Josaiah, Kathy, Krystal, Conundrum, Travis, Znea, Nate, Zelah, Shiva, Christian, Gar, Bandit, Phooka, Shadow, Houdini, Fiddle, Diamond, Trogdor, Jahweh, Gryphyndoor, Ravenclaw, Slitherin', (roomies, houseguests, and pets) was it only a year?  So quickly so much has happened.  Tabitha, learning piano again, tap dancing, Zirk du Fiasco almost 2 years old, Lotus seed! Classes! It's really been an amazing year!  Some sadness and difficulty too...Uncle Don's surgery, Pat (Swenson) had a very tough year, (trees cut by Connie etc.) cousin's baby died, everyone leaving...everything has been turned upside down! Stress, illness, appliances dying- (stove, fridge, h2o heater, dryer x-mas eve) trips to Utah, Michigan, A crazy year!  I am so ready to start a new year!

  • A new beginning!
  • A new Sprout!
  • A new crew!
  • A new fiasco!
Resolutions...This year I will write!  My books, my memoirs, my dream journal!
I have been having lots of premonitions dreams that accurately come true- ( appliances, Znea- knee, Nate dreams) my intuition is strong.  Will be good to explore my new dream book and chakra healing book this year. This year I will be successful, keep exercising, make money from my classes! Write grants, eat healthier, drink more h2o, less alcohol, smoke and drink only 2 days a week max! less sugar, wheat, yeast.  Work harder for show/ political causes, become a musician, get a good new crew! get along with family. I talked to Znea let go of some anger.  Feeling like everything will work out some how to the greater good.  Opening to love more freely, work on things with gar. back in touch with Matt like to work with Say.  My new book, 'Chakra Healing' says, "write every day for 3 weeks, it takes this much time to create a new habit! WRITE! (right?!) will publish this year!  Will sell art! (new exhibit start) Friday! <3 all good thank you for all good things.

Didn't write yesterday, boo..not starting out great great on this one..want to make another challenging one- to walk the dog more often.  New years day..beautiful and sunny after a week of grey, snow and rain. still windy though.  Lots of good dreams coming true and good feelings. Amazing party last night with the best dance music, yesterday's Trainwreck did a great set, and then the DJ threw down some dirty grooves!  danced all night 'til 6 am.  Reggae is so amazing...take the dirtiest, phunkiest groove and lay it down with songs about God! Yeah! Ok, happy new year- going to do this thing write?!

1/23 writing in fits and starts. lots of changes happening still. new roomie Teela is great, like her a lot. M.E. is back and driving me crazy again.  I'm back at work, dealing with some very challenging clients. 14 hour awake overnights with screaming crazy clients who yell, "God please let me die!" every few minutes! had a war with M.E. and Guy tonight-stress level very high, sleep dep. effecting my mental capacities.  Paul Macadam died this week. a good friend, rainbow family, who did so much for activist community, peace, hemp, native rights, enviro, etc. awesome videographer, a great loss to the world.  Diamond was fixed on 1/19 doing fine, but can't play rough until 1/29, tough, STRESS!  gar and I doing ok- not great. Z doing good, but must learn to be punctual with new job.  Piano playing is fun learning a lot, So broke! bills piling up.